Waspbane Wasp Trap

Square waspbane

Do you want a wasp trap that is safe, clean and easy to use that requires no maintenance? The WaspBane wasp trap has a self sealing self contained disposable refill system which protects the user from any wasps that have been caught. The WaspBane wasp trap has a unique safety system to protect the user: Unlike most other wasp traps the WaspBane bait system lasts all season long so there is no need for cleaning, maintaining or rebaiting. This makes WaspBane cleaner and safer to use than other traps. Unlike most other traps, the WaspBane wasp trap kills effectively 100% of the wasps that it catches. If you do not kill 100% of the wasps you catch, the escaped wasps will return with reinforcements! Unlike other traps (especially home made traps) WaspBane does not make your wasp problem worse! WaspBane, the wasp trap you set and forget!

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