Grey Squirrels were introduced into the UK in the mid-19th century and are now a major pest species. Like other rodents, they enter buildings in search of food and shelter. They particularly like loft spaces in both domestic and commercial properties. They cause similar damage to other rodents – chewing cables and wires, they can make a lot of noise, set off alarms and build nests out of soft materials like loft insulation. Under current legislation it is illegal to release a grey squirrel into the wild and we therefore recommend calling in the professional if you have a problem with squirrels.

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Learn about squirrels

  • Squirrels are classed as rodents however, the difference between a squirrel and other rodents, is that a squirrel has a bushy tail.
  • Squirrels are generally small animals and they have thin bodies and large eyes.
  • With well developed jaw muscles and chisel-like front teeth they can chew through almost anything.

Like most pests, the only way to prevent squirrels from entering your loft or house is to block or seal any entry points.

If an infestation occurs, the only consistently effective method of control is the use of chemical poisons. This type of work should be carried out by a professional Pest Control Company.

There are several other methods which could be considered.

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