At Abate Pest Control, we have the expertise to protect and conserve antiquities from pest problems.

We have a range of products and techniques which we can use to make sure there is minimal risk of damage valuable and delicate items in your museum, gallery or historic building.

We can also provide additional protection for ancient and historic properties with treatment for wood damage from wood boring insects such as woodworm.

Your Pest Threats

Historic buildings and museum artefacts are susceptible to damage from a wide range of pests:

Textile pests – these come in the form of moths and beetles. The larvae cause damage to fabrics and natural furs. These insects can be a major problem for museums.

Artwork, books and other soft organic matter are vulnerable to moths and booklice.

Rodents – they can damage the fabric if a building as well as the contents. They will gnaw hard objects such as wood and will shred textiles and soft materials for nesting. They can also pose a fire hazard as they chew through wires and computer cables.

Wood boring beetles – These can damage wooden furniture and objects as well as the actual timber frames of old buildings.

Call us free on 0800 980 9767 to find out how we can help prevent pest problems in your museum, gallery or historic building.

Our Service Benefits          

•          Range of innovative pest control products and techniques.  Including, chemical-free treatments suitable for delicate items.

•          Woodworm treatment.  Our specialist woodworm technicians can help your museum, gallery or church.

•          Specialist treatments, particularly suitable for use against pest infestations on historical and valuable items.

Our chemical-free Entotherm and Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT) can be used to treat fragile and sensitive objects against insect pests.

Entotherm heat treatment works through the targeted application of dry heat. It can be applied to large areas or even whole buildings to deal with insect pests.

Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT) works by sealing objects/items in a bubble and filling this with an anaerobic atmosphere for fumigation.

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