How to remove mosquitoes 

In the UK biting midges and mosquitoes are not known for carrying disease but they can give you a nasty itchy bite which can become infected if persistently scratched.

At Abate Pest Control we have a range of DIY products to help you control mosquitoes and midges or gnats. These are very effective on small infestations. However, if the problem won’t go away, you’ll need professional help. We can provide customised treatments to eliminate mosquitoes with minimum disruption as well as give advice on how to keep these insects at bay.

Call us to book your expert local pest control technician.

Learn about mosquitoes 

  • Mosquitoes have a pale brown, small, long thin abdomen, long thin legs and strongly veined wings. The head has large eyes and a prominent nose.
  • Mosquitoes bite readily, especially at dusk. Bite's can be very itchy and can have red swelling around them.
  • In places outside of Britain mosquitoes transmit many deadly diseases. Mosquitoes breed on stagnant water.

Breeding sites such as guttering, water butts and birdbaths should be cleaned out regularly.

Fly screens over open windows will prevent adults from entering buildings or aerosol fly sprays will kill individual mosquitoes.

If the problem is persistent, then we would recommend you call a qualified pest control technician.

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