How to remove moles from your premises

Moles create havoc for many industries and private homes, causing considerable damage to sports fields, public parks, golf courses, private gardens and agricultural areas with their constant digging. Their tunnelling damages the roots of young plants, exposes stones and debris that can damage machinery. Moles will dig hundreds of feet of runs and can create a dozen or more mounds close to where they are living. The only legal methods of control which are proven to be 100% effective are trapping. For this reason, and the strict laws against releasing illegal chemicals into the soil, we would always recommend using a professional pest control service.

Call us to book your expert local pest control technician.

Learn about moles

  • Moles have dark velvety fur, very small ears and eyes, reduced hind limbs and short powerful fore limbs with large paws adept for digging.
  • Moles are found in many soil types and live almost entirely underground in tunnel systems.
  • Moles are solitary animals and very territorially protective of their area.

There is no real way to prevent moles from entering your garden. As they feed on worms and grubs, by eliminating these you are reducing your chances of moles appearing in your garden.

It has also been known that repellent devices like sonic devices that omit a sound audible to moles and not humans may reduce mole activity but never proven.

We aim to eradicate moles by either trapping.

Trapping is very effective however it’s labour intensive. Mole traps are available on our online store and can be placed by yourself.

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