Warehouses can be potential hives of pest activity. From rats and mice to birds and insect infestations. It is essential that warehouses are regularly inspected by pest control professionals and proactively monitored for the activity of pests.

With bulk stock storage plus movements of stock in and out of the typical warehouse can provide an attractive home to many pest species. 

Pests can transfer diseases, physically contaminate goods and can cause damage to property through chewing or burrowing. Slow moving stock can provide a home to many pests.

There are a number of insect pests that can have detrimental impact on foodstuffs and stored items

Abate Pest Management Services will carry out a survey of your warehousing to assess any pest control issues you may have and draw up a plan to deal with any problems identified.

This may involve clearing overgrown vegetation, proofing buildings where stock is stored, improved housekeeping as well as laying baits or traps. Even if you don’t have an infestation present, having a pest control contract with Abate Pest Management Services in place will help prevent a future infestation.

We can also train your staff to be able to identify the signs of key pests so you can call us in in good time before an infestation breaks out.

We will survey the premises, make recommendations on what type of pests pose the greatest risk and how to proof your buildings, how to make your premises less attractive to pests. 

Cross docking warehouses may be susceptible to bird control issues.  At Abate Pest Management Services we have a range of bird control techniques we can deploy to best suit your premises and the problems you are having, from netting, spiking, gels and lasers.

Call us free on 0800 980 9767 for expert pest control solutions for the logistics industry.


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