Food Processing Businesses

At Abate Pest Management Services we fully understand that in the food production and handling industries any sort of pest contamination is unacceptable no matter how small. We know you have to operate within stringent quality and hygiene standards.

As an ISO registered company, we’re able to meet the administrative demands of large businesses and provide an advanced service for food grade premises, that meet Soil Association, BRC and TFMS specifications.

We are fully ‘food safe aware’ and always operate within the rigorous policies required when working in a food producing or handling environment.

Pest prevention, early detection, and control are essential to comply with the tight standards and regulations imposed on this industry.

With our BRC accreditation we can work with you to make sure you meet the rigorous standards set by your regulators and to make sure nothing happens to adversely affect your valuable protection.

A pest infection can seriously impact your business in many ways, from affecting your stock, reputation and customer reviews, putting you at risk of prosecution and, ultimately, going out of business.

Pest threats in the food industry

Stored product insects (SPIs) pose the biggest threat to food facilities. Businesses that handle cereals, grains or dry food products are potentially at risk.

These SPIs can infect items such as flour, rice, barley and dried fruits and nuts. There are many different species, from grain weevils to rust-red flour beetles that can damage raw materials and contaminate finished products - resulting in both product and financial loss.

Rodents can also contaminate food facilities. Our experts can advise on the use of appropriate monitoring or non-toxic systems in highly sensitive production and storage areas where the use of poisonous bait for rodent control is not permitted.

Services from Abate Pest Management Services for Food Processing businesses

•          We can provide expert preventative controls to minimise the chance of an initial infestation.

•          With regular checks we will detect early warning signs of potential problems.

•          We have the expertise to provide quick and effective pest control solutions to protect your business.

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