Farming and Agriculture

At Abate Pest Management Services we have many years of experience in helping farmers and those involved in agriculture with professional pest control services. From our base in East Anglia we have developed an expertise in agricultural pest control.

Not only can we provide a service once a pest problem has been identified, but can provide advice and guidance on how to prevent infestations from a range of pests in the first place. This includes advice on storage, and hygiene as well as making sure premises are protected to minimise the risk of an infestation.

Our effective pest control solutions can help protect against:

Rodents such as rats and mice harbor and transmit diseases. They can also cause extensive damage to farm buildings and equipment. Their compulsion to chew wires and plastic water pipes can result in costly damage.

Stored Product Insects (SPIs) like beetles and weevils, can infest grain and other stored food items. If not detected and dealt with they can lead to a loss of revenue and adversely affect your reputation with customers.

There are a range of flying insects which can pose a threat to crops and any livestock.

Bird control is also an important aspect of pest control in agriculture. There is a wide array of bird proofing systems on the market today and at Abate we have over 50 years combined bird proofing experience.

Call us free on 0800 980 9767 for expert pest control solutions for the farming and agriculture industries.

Benefits of our service

  • FREE site audit.  Our audit will help us create a plan for your farmland and/or property to be able to provide you with the most cost effective pest control solution.
  • Multi-solutions.  We have a wide range of pest control and prevention solutions available to us. All of which will be delivered by qualified technicians; from specialist fumigation (for insects) or phostoxin (for moles and rabbits) to various bird and rodent control solutions.
  • Specialist bird control. We have a range of professional bird control solutions to protect your property and crops, from netting to laser bird control.
  • Regular visits. One of our technicians will make regular visits to assess your premises and make sure your farm stays pest free.
  • Seasonal pests control.  We will help control seasonal pests throughout the year, like flying insects which can contaminate stock and spread disease to livestock.
  • Legal compliance. We can help make sure that you comply with legal compliance standards - such as Assured Food Standards, Red Tractor Logo for farming, Food and Feed Code, and COSSH legislation.
  • Professional DIY Products - we have professional products available for you to purchase from our online shop to manage pest problems on your own. 
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