How to get rid of carpet moth

There are about 2,000 species of moths in the UK and most are harmless. There are few, however, who are seen as pests as their larvae damage materials, textiles and stored products. Moths do not pose any health risks.

Once they get inside your home or business they can cause severe damage to the natural fibres in carpets, clothes, fabrics, fur and leather. Their caterpillars eat the protein found in natural materials like wool, cotton and silk, putting delicate items at particular risk of damage.

We can offer a variety of solutions to quickly resolve any moth infestation you may have in your home or business.  We can provide tailored solutions and preventative advice.

Call us to book your expert local pest control technician.

Learn about moths

  • They have shiny golden coloured wings; the trailing edge being fringed.
  • Larvae grow to be around 10mm and are creamy white in colour with a golden brown head.
  • Good housekeeping will help prevent an infestation.
  • Ensure you vacuum regularly to decrease harbourage places.
  • Check and clean draws and cupboards regularly.
  • Also check the underside of furniture as larvae sometime pupate on these surfaces and furs and stuffed toys are also vulnerable for clothes moth to attack.
  • If a room has been infested then a deep clean should be carried out, paying attention to wall/floor junctions, carpet edges and soft furnishings. Any infested clothing should be washed on as hot a temperature as possible to kill eggs and larvae. Alternatively, any small items not suitable for washing/dry cleaning can be placed in an airtight bag and stored in a freezer for 3 days to kill all life stages.
  • Any infested areas should be sprayed with insecticide although bear in mind that eggs and pupae are difficult to kill and a repeat treatment may be necessary.  Abate do not recommend the use of moth balls containing paradichlorobenzene and naphthalene as there is evidence to suggest these may be toxic to young children. 
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