How to treat ant infestations

There are a few ant species found in the UK and they can be a nuisance if they get into your home or commercial property. While Garden or Black ants aren’t thought to carry diseases, they may contaminate food products and surfaces from with germs from the areas outside that they have been foraging over. Ants travel wide distances looking for food and follow trails they have established. They will cluster around the source of food, becoming a nuisance in homes, organisations and businesses. We have a range of DIY products which will get rid of small infestations. However, for larger ant problems you can call on our expert pest control technicians to sort it out.

Call us to book your expert local pest control technician.

Learn about ants

  • The black garden ant is the most common and found in almost all parts of the country.
  • The workers are about 5mm in length and dark brown, almost black in colour.
  • The queen is 12mm in length and slightly lighter in colour.
  • Ants scavenge for food and when they find some, will then create a trail to the feeding ground.
  • Ants are very strong and can lift numerous times their weight.

In many cases where ants are a problem indoors, it is because they have either established a nest beneath the foundations or very close to an outside wall and are finding their way into the building.

Ensure after preparing/cooking or eating food, the crumbs and spillages have been cleaned up as food will attract ants.

Also make sure any cracks or crevices which allows ants to enter from outside indoors have been sealed up if possible.

To control ants under these circumstances either apply a contact insecticide such as ant powder, or use a gel placed on, for example; a small piece of glass, which the worker ants feed on and take back to their brood within the nest.

If you decide to use a powder it should be applied to cracks and crevices along and under skirting boards where ants are a problem.

Be aware of children and domestic pets that may come into contact with the powder. Always seek professional advice for control methods.

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