The top 5 Spring pests you might find now it’s getting warmer!

09 April 2018

At last, we are now experiencing longer and warmer days, but you may also experience a range of pests. The key to keeping your home pest free is to make sure you act as soon as you see signs of pests.

These are the five common pests that you are likely to start seeing during the spring months.

Rats and mice

Rat numbers have increased to an estimated 200 million, according to the British Pest Control Association! To stop rats and mice entering your home you need to find and block the entry points they are using. Badly fitted doors, vents, roof gaps and pipes which go through wall spaces are all potential entries for rats and mice. Make sure that all food is kept and stored in airtight containers. Keep wood piles, compost heaps or similar items away from your home. If you spot rats or mice, give us a call as we will safely install baited traps with follow up visits until the problem has been resolved.

rat control norfolk


Many homes and gardens will be infested by ants during the spring. We have been very busy with call outs this year, last week attending 8 properties. If you catch them early enough they are easy to treat using off the shelf products. However, if they are left until you have a full-blown infestation you may need to call us to get rid of the problem.

ant control Norfolk


All homes will have to face the challenge of keeping flies under control. As the weather warms up flies start coming out. If a small fly problem is left uncontrolled it will soon turn into a serious infestation. Keeping your home clean and tidying up split foods can help keep flies away. There are many treatments available from sprays and traps to electronic fly killers.

fly treatment Norfolk


Fleas are usually associated with homes where cats and dogs live. The main problem with these pests is their bite which can result in an itch or rash. Fleas also carry a type of tapeworm which can infect humans. Any treatment must include treating your pets as well as your home. Regular vacuuming to help remove eggs, larvae and adult fleas along with sprays or powders are the usual treatments. Make sure you get right alongside the skirting boards and feet of your furniture as these are the prime areas. Our professional service may be the only way to rid your home of these unwanted pests.

flea treatment Norfolk


As the weather gets warmer wasps wake up and start to look for somewhere to build their nests, often building them under the eaves of a building. They will also come indoors if they can find access. Nests are dangerous to handle and should only be dealt with by the professionals.

wasp nest treatment Norfolk

Professional pest control

It is best to call in professionals as we have the know-how as well as the tools to make sure that all the critters that wreak havoc in your home are eliminated. We use different techniques and equipment for different types of pests. When you hire our services, you can rest easy knowing that your home and your family are safe from all the threats that pests bring.

We can be contacted by calling 0800 980 9767.

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