Longhorn beetle found in 18 century timber framed building

21 April 2018

Your dream home, an 18th century timber framed building in the countryside and suddenly you spot a beetle and then another and then you think of the worst case scenario, timber destruction!

This is exactly what happened this week at a property in Wymondham when Abate Pest Management were called out to find some Longhorn Beetles - male and female Phymatodes testaceus.

Longhorn Beetle  Longhorn Beetle

Generally, these beetles are found in the South East of the UK and they approximately have a 2 year life cycle. These beetles are not very common, but their habits are very much like other woodboring pests where they emerge, mate, lay eggs and the die. Phymatodes testaceus beetles lay their eggs under the bark of standing dead timber or recently cut trunks with oak being the main host.

Jon Blake of Abate said, “we carried out a free site survey and couldn’t find any new signs of activity or dust within the exposed timbers. It soon became apparent where the source of the issue was. Next to the wood burner was a pile of logs and after one log was broken up, dust was clearly visible and we could quickly verify that the logs were the cause.  As the customer removed the logs from the room another beetle emerged from a log. They also found what looked like a dead grub in one of the holes. Our advice was to get in touch with the wood supplier, explain the situation and have them removed from site.”

Potentially these beetles could have caused issues, so the advice is to always get things checked and give your woodpile a close inspection!

Abate offers a free survey for woodworm and other wood boring insects. All treatments come with a long term 10, 12 or 20 year guarantee which is underwritten and backed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Please visit http://www.abatewoodwormtreatment.co.uk.  

Photographs: Jonathan White

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