Laser bird control at Sizewell A nuclear power station

22 June 2017

Abate Pest Management Services have just finished installing a state of the art, fully automated, remotely controlled Agrilaser Autonomic bird dispersal system at Sizewell A nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast. 

Working with Actavo (the operations company for the power station), Abate were called in to deal with pigeons and gulls which were causing major issues using the site to roost and nest. Being located next to the sea, the power station buildings offer a safe nesting site for the birds, away from ground predators.

The birds posed several threats to the site from their guano which can result in permanent damage to buildings. This necessitated staff and contractors to continually work at height to keep areas clean, to prevent their nesting material potentially blocking drains and damaging the buildings.  

Abate Pest Management Services installed the Agrilaser system onto the power station’s reactor building roof. The solution is now providing effective bird control across 16 rooves and can be remotely controlled from within the power station – saving time and money. The Agrilaser system can be set up to scan one or more rooves as needed and can also be set on a timer or in real time to turn on and off when required.  

The laser system uses birds’ natural instincts to harmlessly deter them from nesting or roosting.  It works by projecting a moving laser beam across a roof top. The birds see the laser beam as a danger and stay away from the buildings. The moving laser beam keeps areas free of birds 24/7. The system has been proven to be very successful at removing nesting and roosting birds from buildings and reducing the associated problems their presence causes.

Jon Blake, MD of Abate Pest Management Services explained “We’ve developed and invested in a unique solution to manage the Agrilaser system remotely. With our system the lasers can be remotely controlled from the safety of an office. We’ve also committed to professional training for our technicians to install this new technology.”  He went on to add “The laser unit we fitted at Sizewell A is run by a solar powered battery unit making the whole unit portable so it can be moved where required.

Jim Gray Site Manager, Actavo, Sizewell A commented “The guys from Abate did a great job. I’m impressed with the work completed. The system is up and running and working well.”


If you have problems with birds on your property, call us on 0800 980 9767. 

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