Installation of 2400sqm of bird netting for BRC accredited warehouse

17 January 2018

Warehouses can be very busy places, especially if they operate a cross dock operation where goods are coming in throughout the day and sorted for outgoing distribution or for future storage. With this type of logistics operation, doors are generally open and closed throughout the day. This is when warehouses are likely to see the introduction of birds leading to harbouring and nesting. You need a solution to prevent this happening, especially if you are dealing with product within the food chain. 

Over the Christmas period, Abate Pest Management sent a team of technicians to Bretts Transport near Wisbech to proof a warehouse that is used for cross docking to help reduce the risk of the sparrows looking to harbour and nest up close to stored foodstuffs.

The team installed sparrow netting using a framework of steel wire fixings, strainers, clips and guide brackets to hold approximately 2400 square metres of netting. Sparrows can often live within the buildings where they may contaminate products with faecal and nest materials. 

Bird netting    Bird netting

Bird netting    Bird netting

The new installed bird solution will help Bretts Transport comply to BRC standards and demonstrate that they are showing a pro-active approach to pest control to prevent the risk of encountering any problems before they arise. 

Bretts Transport near Wisbech is a certified in BRC Global standards for storage and distribution. The company is now a nationally recognised name specialising in ambient deliveries to the retail, food service and food manufacturing sectors, typically delivering in excess of 4000 tons of canned food and other grocery products along with 5000 pallets of food grade packaging each week.

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