How Abate is managing nuisance birds in Cambridge

09 June 2017

Looking at Cambridge from a bird’s eye view, it’s easy to see that the city, like many others is a haven for birds. Birds have become an increasing problem on buildings and structures throughout towns and cities across the UK. 

The most common birds in the UK are pigeons and gulls. As they scavenge for food in our towns and cities they frequently nest and roost on rooftops and ledges. As well as being responsible for attacking people, they cause serious damage to properties and pose a health hazard to human health through their faecal droppings.  Many of Cambridge’s historic and much loved buildings are made limestone. They are literally being eaten away by the acidic pigeon excrement and the fungi that lives on the excrement, causing thousands of pounds’ worth of damage.  

Pest birds like pigeons, gulls, sparrows and starlings are gregarious creatures. As they roost in large numbers they can cause large scale contamination of buildings and the surrounding areas.  Breeding during the spring and summer, their nesting material often contains insects which can lead to significant secondary infestations of properties. Leaving these birds uncontrolled can cost you money and adversely affect the smooth running of your business. 

It’s not just the historic buildings which are at risk, birds can cause serious damage to modern buildings as well. Abate Pest Management Services have been managing nuisance birds in Cambridge and across East Anglia for over 18 years. This month will see them implementing a huge bird spiking project in the city. The building has had pigeons nesting and perching on it creating a general mess on windows, ledges etc. 

bird proofing in cambridge

bird proofing in cambridge

bird proofing in cambridge

Spike systems are made up of strips of upright metal or plastic pins which are an effective deterrent to birds landing. This system is very adaptable, cost-effective, simple to apply and can be used to proof a wide variety of both plain and ornate buildings.  

There are many other bird proofing methods which can be employed depending on the nature of the problem and the building itself. 

Netting and post-and-wire systems
Bird netting systems screen off problem areas and can successfully and harmlessly help move birds away from a problem property. Post-and-wire systems are another tried and tested deterrent which can be used on ledges, ridges and other structures to prevent birds gaining a foothold.

Gel systems
Gel systems are applied to building ledges and ridges. They form a flexible barrier that feels unpleasant and unstable to the birds’ feet and discourages them from perching.

Lasers are the latest line of defence in bird proofing technology. At Abate we use the Agrilaser Autonomic, a fully automated laser bird repelling system. This state of the art bird control solution uses the birds’ own natural instincts to harmlessly deter them from nesting or roosting. It works by projecting a moving laser beam across a roof top. The birds see the beam as a threat and stay away from the building.
We’ve developed a unique solution to manage and monitor the Agrilaser system remotely, allowing you to remotely control the laser from the convenience and safety of your office – saving you time and money. This system has been proven to be very successful at removing nesting and roosting birds from buildings and reducing the associated problems their presence causes.

Electric bird deterrents
Electrical bird deterrent systems offer a valuable professional management option.  At Abate we use Avishock, a RSPB approved system which teaches birds not to land or nest through a harmless electric shock; much in the same way that an electric fence manages cattle. These systems are particularly useful for Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings and other sites where more conventional bird control methods are not allowed.

Abate Pest Control
At Abate our team has over 55 years combined experience in bird proofing. After an in-depth site survey, we will recommend how best to deal with the bird control problems on your premises. We will solve your bird pest problems quickly and discreetly, with as minimal disruption to your day as possible.

If you need effective bird control call us on 01223 631765 or contact us here.

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