Abate Pest Management Services called in to save historic medieval Suffolk church.

26 September 2017

When it was found that Kettleburgh church had birds in the belfry rather than the usual bats, we were called in to prevent further catastrophic damage to the bells and building.

The Grade 1 listed, medieval Suffolk church, had been under attack by birds which had been able to gain access to the belfry. The bells and church building itself had suffered damage from the acidic bird droppings and left unattended would have resulted in major damage to both.

The church was suffering from the effects of birds gaining access to the belfry. They had made a considerable mess and something needed to be done to protect the building and the bells. We were called in to clear the affected areas and prevent birds getting in again. We carried out a professional assessment of the belfry, looking at any risk factors and the most suitable materials to use.

After cleaning up the mess in the belfry, we fitted special small gauge, galvanized weld mesh inside the existing louvres on the openings in the side of the belfry to prevent pest birds re-entering the belfry in future.

Care needs to be taken when carrying out pest control in churches and places of worship. Consideration must be taken of the people who work or worship there and of the specific needs of such historic buildings.

Birds can present a serious health hazard to people as well as damaging property through their faecal droppings and nesting materials. Their nesting material often contains insects which can lead to a secondary infestation.

If you have problems with pests in your church or place of worship, call us on 0800 980 9767.

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